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The InfoSec Campout Social Contract

The organizers of this conference wish for this to be a safe place for anyone interested in learning about Information Security, Compliance, and Governance. We want this be a place where anyone can come, ask questions, and have open, friendly, and honest communication without of ridicule, reprisal, or any other reprehensible behavior.

We expect all attendees to treat each other with mutual respect, and kindness, avoiding any divisive discussion about ANY religion or politics, or discrimination based on age, race, color, religion, sex, gender/genderless, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic that might attempt to demean or undermine a person’s value at our conference.

Anyone can report harassment or harassing behavior. Do not standby and let something occur. You can always find a volunteer or organizer to report an issue and it will be dealt with immediately. If you are told to stop your current course of behavior, do so immediately. Anyone asked to leave will not receive a refund. If the harrassing action is severe enough, the incident will be reported to relevant authorities.

The important thing is to have fun, meet people, build your network, learn something. And we look forward to more years of fellowship, learning, and friendship.

The TL;DR:

  1. Be welcoming.
  2. Be kind.
  3. Look out for each other.
  4. We are stronger when we are united.
  5. Divisive behavior tears everything down.

Bryan Brake
Wendy Knox-Everette
Matthew Domko

Organizers of InfoSec Campout
Board of Directors, Infosec Education Foundation